Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner – Benefit Eyeliner Review

Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner – Benefit Eyeliner Review

Hello my friends todays is makeup talk again and in this video we aretalking about this baby here which is the They're Real eyeliner, Push Up eyeliner by Benefitand I am just using this Right now.

Clap clap clap!! Now let’s take a closerlook! It has a rubber tip which is supposed to facilitate the application, and the textureis a little dry more likely a gel eyeliner.

OK, now, let’s apply it.

Well I think the rubber is a bit too soft,which is kind of strange to apply.

I think the texture is too dry as well, whichmakes it difficult to trace the line over the eye.

You actually have to apply it a fewtimes in order to get used with the product And if you are in a hurry you definitely shouldn'tbe using this one.

If you like a more dramatic look or a bolderlook I think this is the one product for you But if you just want to trace a thin line,I believe it is not possible, at least I tried and found it to be hard to trace a thin line,but maybe with practice you can do it! Overall it is a good product and I like it.

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