– [Voiceover] Hello, love.

Bellatrix Lestrange here to teach you how to go fromlooking like a filthy half-blood to a fabulous, pure-bloodDeath Eater, like myself.

(cackles) First thing, love,you'll want to start out with the lightest foundation you can find.

My skin, after all, is pure asmy blood, and light as snow.

So smudge that lightfoundation all over your face, and don't forget your neck and chest area.

Really, any bit of skinthat's going to be revealed.

(laughs) Then blend that all inusing a beauty blender, or a brush of your choice,or just your fingers.

And don't forget to get your ears, love, you don't want to havesurprisingly dark ears compared to your face, now do you? Cover up any trouble spots still showing, using some light concealer,and then blend it all in.

Then throw on anotherlayer of white foundation for extra paleness.

Then set it all using translucent powder.

Be sure to blend it in real well.

You don't want to end uplooking like Mrs.


Then grab a light brown eyeshadow, smudge it all over youreyelids, and blend it in.

Just like that, love.

Then grab a darker brown eyeshadow, and draw little fencepostsaround your eyeballs.

Then that's right, love,just blend it in again.

Then go ahead and sweepsome of that dark brown right under your eyelid.

Then take a black eyeshadow, and sweep it along your top lashes, focusing on the outer corner of your eye.

Use some black eyelineracross your upper lashline, then set it and smudge it a bit, using some black eye shadow.

If you don't know thelash extension charm, just go 'head and throw onsome Muggle false eyelashes, but be sure to blend themwith your real lashes, using some black mascara, so that no one can tell you'reusing a filthy Muggle prop.

And don't forget your lower lashes, love.

Next grab a light brown eyeshadow, and outline the bridge of your nose.

Now go ahead and outline the hollows of your cheeks and your temple.

Now you're startin' to look a bit crazy, but what else is new? Blend your contours down away from the high points of your face using a variety of brushes.

Now that your face islooking nice and sharp, let's get those eyebrows to match.

Using some dark brown eyeshadow or pencil, sketch out some nice arced eybrows, making them a bit thickertowards the front.

I suggest using somelight brown eyeshadow, to draw some bags under your eyes, because that's justwhat 15 years of Azkaban does to you, love.

For extra effect, dabon some pinky-purple, and go ahead and add that pinky-purple to the crease of your eyelid.

Next, unless you already have fabulously flared nostrils like me, I suggest using some black eyeshadow to add a little point and an edge to it.

Next draw on some big rounded lips using a medium berry color.

You could go a bit darker withthis if you really wanted, but usually I don't even wear lipstick.

Next you're gonna muss up your teeth, because who has time for the dentist, when there's so manyMudbloods to exterminate? Sorry, love, got a bit excited there.

Anyway, so you want to dryoff your teeth with a tissue, and draw on some cracks andgunk with waterproof eyeliner.

Yes, black tooth makeup wouldbe much better for this, but you make do with what you have, love.

Use some Petroleum Jelly toseal it in as best you can, and now you've got afabulously wicked smile.

All that's left now is afabulous, dark, curly wig, and some dried shampoo togive you that nice grey touch.

And there you go, love.

You look positively wicked.

– He knows how to play, itty, bitty, baby Potter.

(laughs) (Disapparates) (organ holds out note).

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