Becky G Makeup Tutorial: Winged Eyeliner & Bold Red Lips | COVERGIRL

Becky G Makeup Tutorial: Winged Eyeliner & Bold Red Lips | COVERGIRL

Hey, what's up, guys? It's your girl, Becky G,and I'm here my girl, Tonya.

And I'm going to show you how to getmy throwback to tutorial look– which is a nice, bold lip anda nice, winged eyeliner.

I'm going to use the newtrunaked eyeshadow palette.

It has eight colors, different textures.

It has shimmery and matte, so it'sgreat to create endless combinations, When I apply, I just start at the lashline and blend up towards the crease.

And now I'm going totake a matte color which is a couple of shadesdarker than her skin tone and blend it in towards her crease.

That gives the eye definition.

I think what was reallyfun about being on tour and using shadows like this one,it had a nice pickup in the lights.

You know, you've got to shine onstage, and it really did shine.

And I loved that about it.

One of my favorite thingsfrom the new collection is the trunaked Duo Waterproof Eyeliner.

With the cashmere sideof the pencil, I like to highlight under the arch of the browand in the inner corner of the eye.

What this does is makethe eye look more awake.

It opens up the eye.

And it really gives the browbone more of a defined edge.

Another thing is the tip of the nose.

I just like giving alittle subtle highlight.

And again, I go back overthe bridge of the lip, just to kind of tie everything together.

For the other side, I lovethis pencil, because it's great for creating awinged-out eyeliner.

Use the lashline as a guideand drag the pencil out towards the outer corner of the eye.

For the other side, the same thing.

For the wing, I use the tip.

To line the lashline, Iuse the side of the pencil.

If your hand isn't that steady, it's OK.

You could always goback with a clean brush and just smooth out any uneven edges.



Now for the next step, thisis the new Plumpify Mascara.

She's obsessed with mascara.

And let me tell you, I'm obsessed.

You can find it in my purse.

Not just in my purse, inher kit– all the time.

Everywhere I just love what it does to my lashes.

I use the side of the brush first,and I rock it back and forth, right against the lashline.

And because this formula givesyou volume and separates, you don't have to worryabout it getting clumpy.

So once I use the side of thebrush, I take the tip of the brush and no lash will be forgotten.

When you're on stage, you kindof want things to pop more.

I would sometimes pop in some individuallashes like I have on right now.

To fully top off the lip,we've got to go to the lips.

This lipstick is great.

It's long-wearing, but it'smoisturizing at the same time.

For this, we're doing areally pretty blue-based red.

I'm just going to start rightalong the edge of the lip.

And I do like using a brush toapply lipsticks– just because you get a really nice, clean edge.

One of the great things about thislipstick is the color payoff.

The intensity of the lipstick is sogreat, you don't need a lot of product.

A bold lip, a nice wingedeyeliner– and don't forget to click here formore COVERGIRL tutorials.

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