Becky G: Date Night & Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL

Becky G: Date Night & Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL

Hey, guys, what's up? It's your girl, Becky G andI'm here with my girl, Tonya, and we're going to show you how toget a nice date night smokey eye.

So right now, I have adaytime look on and we're going to take this daytime lookinto a more fun, late night, date night-type look.

The first step is usingthe new trunaked Eyeliner.

I'm going to take theblack side of the pencil.

I'm going to rub it into the lashline and what I'm doing with this is creating a base forthe eyeshadow to stick to.

Once I have the pencil down,I blend it out with a brush just so there's no harsh edges.

Now, I'm going to go in with the newtrunaked Eyeshadow Palette in Roses.

This is one of my favorite palettesbecause the colors are so versatile.

So I'm pressing theeyeshadow into the lash line and pulling it up into the crease.

The first color I put downhas a little bit of a sheen to it so now I'm going to go in withone of the more matte shades just to blend out the edge.

This way, the shadowtransitions from dark to light.

Last, for the top ofthe eyelid, I'm going to go in with the lightershade in the inner corner just to add a little pop of color.

So I'm going to go in Becky's water linewith the pencil and one of the things I love is the fact that it's waterproof.

The worst is when it starts to leak.

Waterproof eyelinerdefinitely doesn't do that.

Or if you go watch a movie on acute date and it's a sad movie and you're crying your eyes out.

That's happened to me before.

That's not a good look.

Not cute.

Once I've applied theeyeliner on the bottom, I go back in with the samecolor I used along the lash line and blend out the pencil so itgives it more of a smokey edge.

What I love about this mascarais it has a huge brush.

It's really great for liftingthe lashes and the formula helps build volume and separate.

Once I go in with the side of thebrush, I flip the brush this way and use the rounded tip to reallydefine each lash individually.

Sometimes with a smokey eye, Ilike to add individual lashes.

That is it for my date night smokey eye.

Thank you, guys, so muchfor watching and if you want to see more COVERGIRLtutorials, click here.

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