Basic makeup tutorial

Basic makeup tutorial

Hi everyone! I had my english test on A-levels today and when I came back home I was exhausted I had to go to the shower etc.


so I knew I would have to do my makeup all over again for the night and we're also going to a restaurant with my mom and dad so I thought why I couldn't film the tutorial right away which you have requested so now I've filmed it and I hope you like it let's get started! okay, so I'm gonna start with this Skin Perfection serum from L'oreal I love the packaging I bought this few days ago and I've been using it as a replacement to my MAC's Prep+Prime primer I've only used this for a couple of days now and I want to see what sort of results this will give within these few days because.

this smells like those moisturizes for men but yeah because it says that it'll improve your skin's quality and your skin's color looks better and just that typical.

advertising next I'm going to take this Nude foundation from Dior and this Beauty Blender my english.

you have to shake this really well and then you just.

so yeah I just press this all in well all over my face if you own a Beauty Blender or you're going to buy one then don't ever sweep the product across your face you have to press it in to your skin so that it stays there and whenever you're applying your foundation remember to put the foundation on the 'auricular' too for example if you're going to wear your hair up then your face and the 'auricular's colors will match I mean if your foundation doesn't perfectly match to your own skin I don't know if this particular foundation matches my skin now but I do it always next I'm going to take this light pen from YSL and this concealer from NYX and I'm going to put these under my eyes so I put the concealer first and then I'll put this on top of it so that it will give my face that 'lifted-up' look I usually put these in this triangle shape because when you pull it upwards it will make that part of your face appear higher and it also makes you look more awake this isn't exactly the right color I would've wanted I would have preferred one color lighter but this is just so typical when you order something online then I'm taking my BB again and I'll just push it into my face and once again it's really important that you will press it into your skin and not sweep my baby so next I'll take the higlight pen from YSL and I'll just put it on the same place as I did with the previous one Ada! Don't go to my bag! my dog is going to my bag and then I'll just take my BB again.

and I'll sweep it across, no I mean press it on to my face and these BBs are perfect for many reasons e.


they don't absorb any foundation so you can use it with like three different foundations and they don't mix up in it and when I'm ready with.

Covering my dark eye circles and yeah done with those previous products I will put this, which you saw on my last video this is from MAC and it's part of their Prep+Prime collection it's a loose translucent powder and when you put a lot of this under your eyes in to those lines which everybody has if you don't have them, then.

whaat but yeah so you take quite a lot of this and.

and when you apply it into those lines, it'll prevent them from greasing during the day and then I'm taking this contour kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills I'm going to take this banana type of color I believe it is called 'Banana' and then I will apply it on top of wherever I put the concealer and highlight pen so that it will keep them on place for the whole day and also it prevents the concealers from greasing *thank you* and then I'm taking this NYX concealer again and I will apply it with this clean brush and with that brush I'm going to apply the foundation on my blemishes (pimples, etc.

) and yeah remember not to apply concealer from a concealer stick like this directly on to your skin it's better if you apply it with a clean brush or with a clean finger on those blemishes (this will prevent the bacterias from infecting the whole concealer bottle) do you guys ever get any blemishes from stressing about things I get them always when I have a test coming up at school so now when I have A-levels my skin is like.

my face has exploded and once again I'm taking my BB and as usual I'll push them into my skin and for the rest of my face I will apply this powder from Chanel and I won't apply this on the parts where I put that 'Banana' color from ABH so that we won't cover its color up okay and next I'm going to do my brows first I will use this brow pen from ABH it's called it's just a normal brow pen I always go through them with this brush thing from the other end of the pen I want to get them in to that particular shape and then I'll take the other end of it and I will just draw the lines for my brows and sketch them out as you can see I don't have that much of a hair in my brows left so I normally fill them in a bit with this pen first and after that I will take a powder product and with that I will fill my brows completely and the powder product is this and I will apply it with this eyebrow brush from Real Tehcniques and when I have "drawn" my brows on I'll take this and I will apply it with this Cailap by Mariela Sarkima brush this is originally designed for lipstick, so this is a lipstick brush but this is perfect for lining your brows with concealer to make them more exact and by applying this under your brows they look more defined we don't want them to look smudgy and finally I will add this clear brow gel from ABH I don't like brow gels that have color in them because they make your brows look heavy and not so natural moving onto eyes and as a base for all my eyeshadows, I'm using this and I will apply this with my middle finger on all over my eyelid so that it will cover all the darkness and all the veins then I'm taking this.

I'm taking this color 'nude' and I apply this all over my eyelid so that it will keep the base in place then I'm taking this and I will take, from the same palette, this color called 'warm taupe' and I will apply this on top of my eyelid I guess you could say that this is my everyday makeup look because this is easy and quite quick to do so yeah like this so that you will get a little dimension to your eyes then I'm taking this and I will take this dark brown matte color and I will apply it on top of the previous one but I will apply it half on it, so not in the same length as previous one and I will drag it downward a bit and by doing this it will add a bit more dimension next I'll apply and I apply this also with my finger so that it will have as much pigment as possible and on top of that I'm going to apply and I will also press this one on to my lid so that I will have right amount of pigment on my lid and then I'm just going through with my blending brush again so that there won't be any harsh lines and then I'm going to take all the first three colors which we used on the upper eyelid so the 'nude', 'warm taupe' and the dark brown (from IsaDora palette) ones and I will apply these under my lower lashes so that it would look more natural and so that it wouldn't blank then I'm taking this brush, which came with Maya Mia (ABH) palette and I'm just going over those colors so that they will look natural I'm trying to achieve this neutral smokey eye yeah, I don't know, I think it fits into to that description quite well I will take the lightest color from this palette and I will apply it to my inner corners of my eyes with my ring finger this will make my eyes look brighter and then I will apply this to my waterline this also makes my eyes look bigger and brighter I will do a thin eyeliner right to the roots of my eyelashes no wing or a cat eye, just a normal thin line so that my lashes will appear thicker when you apply mascara and my liner was and after the liner I'm going to apply my mascara I have this and I will use the Rimmel one for my upper lashes and then MAC to my lower lashes next I want to apply some highlighter under my brows and for that I'm using and for that I will always use the highlight part and mine is broken so I will apply it with a small brush if I could get some product first and then I simply apply it under my brows and when we're done this will make them appear to be much higher okay and now it's time for the rest of my face I will start by using this contour kit from ABH and now I will simply contour and highlight my face firstly I will take this color in the middle and tap off the extra product so that it won't be as pigmented and I always start from the top of my cheekbone and I start to drag it downwards towards my mouth so I just follow my cheekbones' lines if you don't know or you can't tell where your cheekbones' lines are you can take a simple makeup brush and just place it on your.

Cheeks so that you can find the edges of those bones and I have really big cheeks so I do contouring almost everyday and after this I will contour the rest of my face wherever I have to so now I want to bring this part of my face bit downward and make my face look a bit more thin and I want these parts of my face to have clearer edges because my head is so god damn round next I will apply that same color, with a eyeshadow brush, and I'm going to contour my nose with this because I want it to appear smaller I hate my nose so much I would love it to be smaller so contouring makes it appear a bit smaller and if you want your lower lip to appear bigger then you can add that same color right below the center of your lip next I'm taking this brush from MAC and I will go over all of those lines to make them look more natural and then I'm going to take another brush from MAC and go over my nose with it then I'm going to apply this blush this is and I will apply it in a normal way: drag it upwards and then on the apples of my cheeks after all this I'm taking this huge brush from and I'm going over my face with this so that there won't be any harsh lines and finally I'm taking this highlighter from with a fan brush you will get the product on exactly where you want it to be I usually make this 'C' form on my face from on top and on the end of my brow and from there on to my cheeks and with my ring finger I will apply this product on top of my upper lip to make it look bigger and final step: on to my lips the lip pen is okay it's something in french I'm not going to say that and then the lipstick is and then I just line my lips and then my lipstick okay so that was my (way too long) makeup tutorial and if you liked it please let me know so then I know and I can probably make more of these maybe a party makeup I think I can make something like that I thought I could show you a little close-up of my makeup so yeah this is my everyday makeup thank you so much for watching and I hope this helped you in some way I mentioned few tips if you noticed thank you so much! come and give me a kiss!!!! Bananaaa! Minions, minions *oh my god.

duuuude* I just don't have the energy to clean my makeup products.

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