– [Voiceover] Hello, everyone! I'm Ariel.

And now that I'm human,I wanted to show you how I do my makeup and my mermaid hair.

First, cover your facein whatever concealer or foundation you like.

Then, put lots and lots of rosy blush all over the apples of your cheeks.

Then define your humancheekbones with some bronzer.

Spread some white eye shadowall over your eyelids.

Then use a bright greento cover the outer half of your eyelid.

I wish I could have used brighter green, but this is all they have on land.

Decorate the outer corner of your eyelid with some bright purple,like my seashells.

Now you look pretty crazy, but you're not a child anymore.

You're 16 years old, so you better blend in your makeup like the adult you are.

Draw some dark purple intothe crease of your eyelid and blend it in.

Add some more green because your cheap, peasant eye shadow isjust not bright enough.

And, you guessed it, blendit in like all adults do, with their finger.

Add some white eye shadowto the inner corners of your eyes just to widen them up a bit, like a cartoon character.

Not that I'm a cartoon character.

Define our eyebrows with some eye shadow, or whatever fancy, humanthing-a-mabobs you have.

Use some liquid eyelinerto carefully give yourself a winged eyeliner lookon your upper lash line.

Now the hard part is to get the other eye looking like the first one.

Good luck! Uh, close enough.

Now if you spontaneously decide to add some green to your lower lash line, you're a princess.

Go for it! Now you're gonna applysome small, fake lashes just to the outer corner of your eye.

Make sure you wait about a minute for the glue to become tacky and then carefully, shakily, apply it on top of your upper lashes.

And now for some mascara to blend your real lasheswith the fake ones.

If you're gonna be visiting your family, make sure it's waterproof.

Now, if you want, you canadd some purple eyeliner to your lower lash line, and, voilà, your eye makeup is complete.

Now, on to the lips.

First, carefully line your lips with some red lip liner,and don't just line them, fill in the spaces.

Then, top them off with whatever bright, red lip color you want.

But you know your makeuplook wouldn't be complete without getting yourlipstick all over your face.

And now it's time for you to panic and desperately try to rubit off with your finger.

After undoubtedly failing, run off to get some makeup wipesto fix your mistake.

Then cover up your makeup bald patch with some foundation.

Phew, that was a close one.

Oh, and now you're dropping things.

Now, to avoid getting evenmore lipstick on your teeth, make sure you blot thecrap out of your lips with a tissue.

Now, onto the hair.

First, brush out all of your tangles with a dinglehopper.

Now your hair is silky smooth.

Aren't dinglehoppers amazing? The tease a huge portionon top of your head, in small sections, hairspraying along the way.

We need all the volume we can get.

Just continue teasing small sections of this huge portion ofhair on top of your head over and over and over.

Pull it all up together.

Tease it some more and hairspray it.

Start experimenting with how you want to keep this hair afloat,and fail miserably.

Brush it all over to one side, push it forward a little,and then pin it in place.

Don't be afraid to be generous with lots and lots ofhairspray and bobby pins to keep those pesky hairs in place.

It's tough, but you'll justhave to keep shaping it and playing around with it until you're happy with the shape.

Next, spray the rest of your hair with heat protectant spray.

Then, curl it all in small sections using a curling wandfor nice, loose curls.

For more volume, teaseand hairspray sections of this hair from underneath.

Then, brush out your curlswith the dinglehopper and add some accessories.

And now, you're done, and back to looking likeyour old mermaid self.

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