Hey guys, welcome back.

So since my face is in need of some 'saving'currently, I've decided to film a tutorial inspired by AOA's comeback.

So, this is the look.

Inspired by Seolhyunin particular.

So I'll get started.

I'm actually going to start off by applyingsome liquid bandage right on top of my nose.

Here, where the skin got peeled off.

I actually toppled down the hill, so I gotthis huge bruise right here because of the same fall.

I'm just going to sweep my cotton bud on topof the brush, and roll it over the wound in an upwards motion.

And I applied my skincare before that, soit does need to be patted in.

To make sure that its covering all of the wound.

I'm now just going to go in with concealer.

And this is the Cover Perfection Tip Concealer by TheSaem.

And, I am /not/ going thinly with this.

Iam just chucking this all over.

And then, I'm just going to blend it in witha brush.

This is the precision face brush by BareMinerals.

And I know a lot of people have trouble withputting concealer over areas where you have acne and the skin literally peels off.

But if you put a really thin layer of liquidbandage on top, and then you use a liquid concealer, followed by a cream concealer – youcan cover it up.

This is the Becca Concealer in Praline.

And once again, I'm taking my favourite nailbrush – a small detail brush – and I'm dotting this over the area.

I'm just going to take my cushion puff anddab onto it.

And this will just blend it in.

After the dabbing, you can tell it's slightlyflat on the edges where you can see the texture of the scar – but up front it's basicallycompletely covered.

For eyebrows, we're going go really thickand straight.

And we're actually going to try go a little longer than we need becausewe're going to elongate our eyeliner later.

Now going in with a dark brown eyeliner, we'rereally gonna just drag out our eyeliner.

Starting from the center of my eye – I'm goingto end it around here.

And then, with a dark brown liquid liner (I'musing my Sailor Moon Miracle Romance one); I'm just going over my whole lashline andsharpen out all the edges.

Now taking a fluffy brush, I'm going intomy Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes.

Into the lightest shade.

And I'm literally applying this from the frontedge (along my nose), sweeping it back, leaving the brow bone area bare.

Then, swapping for a denser, more flat andsmall brush; I'm going back into the same shade and contouring my 'aegyo-sal' area tomake it deeper like her's.

Next, I'm going into my Cargo palette andI'm just taking this colour right there, called Rustic.

Squinting, I'm going to connect the end theline to the center of my lid again.

This time, taking Hot Cocoa; I'm then going to repeat the step on my lower lashline.

I'm then going to go in with this shimmerybronze colour, and just join the top of my lashline to the rest of my eyeliner from before.

And you want to keep this colour right inthe center.

As well as underneath the lashline as well.

As a finishing touch, I'm taking this pearlychampagne eyeliner and popping this in the first half of my 'aegyo-sal'.

For lashes today, I'm using the Eylure 114sthat I've cut into threes, and I'm going to start from the inside and work (work workwork work) outwards.

I'm also just going to coat my lashes withmascara now.

And I'm using The Falsies Push Up Drama by Maybelline.

Now that eyes are done, I'm just going to(kind of) contour my face around my nose area.

Taking the Wine Lip Tint in Rose Coral CR01.

I'm applying this on the center of my lips.

I'm also just going to pop a little bit ofthis gloss on, and it's just a very sheer orange.

Blush wise; I'm going for a very soft layerof Springsheen by MAC, brushing it upwards.

And, we're done! That's the completed look and I hope you guys found this tutorial useful.

Please do remember to thumbs-up and subscribe down below for more videos, and I'll see you guys soon! Bye bye~.

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