Saluuut! This is a new vidéoo: D Today I will teach you this look inspired by the palette 'Modern Renaissance' Why did I say that in English? Anastasia Beverly Hills! I LOVE this palette There is something for all tastes There are warm tones and a little 'cold' shades Personally I love this side of the pallet, I created the look with it And there are many colors 'transition' I love mattes You hottest color transitions and then those a little colder here Jsuis sorry I'm super fast but my camera is going to die !!!! So I love this palette because the pigmentation is CRAZY You can see in the video I will create the look with this one I like TOO, I want to put it all over my BODY There you go.

I really hope you like it is quite original especially with my hair green goose poop Jsuis too excited !! I have a new microphone! Inch blue if you aimeeez Please do not forget to subscribe <3 Oops I forgot to say that I use HAHA Beh I'm trying to use the eyelid based Urban Decay (Eden) Oh focus is too crazy! And I put it all over my eyelid! Trying to not look you drill me with my nails LOL You've certainly tired of this Jsuis désoléée but this is the best for me! He never betrayed me in my LIFE I was about to be dramatic 'NOT LIKE MEN' I'll secure the base with a powder for eye shadows are easier to fade I use my Contour Kit Anastasia I take it that is matte (Important) We go to the fun now !!! mwahaha I'll take this beautiful palette I'll take this color transition 'Warm Taupe' It is the cold 'say and POW! pigmented too !!! I applied with a large brush I think it will be HYPER pigmented Here as you can see lol So I'll change eye if I have a black eye So I said it's the color coldest transition I have no idea what I'm doing.

I prefer to say.

lol You just need to make circular movements And apply the color in the crease of the eyelid It's ok if you go on the eyelid because it will be a nice transition.

And I stretch it a little on the outside Why? No idea.

But jle feel good.

We will take a more precise brush I use the one of the Naked Palette 3 (Urban Decay) I have to keep close to my head to make it lol focus I'll just apply Warm Taupe on the outer corner (it will be a base for color after) I blend a little After I take my MAC 219 brush I'm going to hit my face with.

WTF I should probably try that.

This is the brush of the pallet LOL So I will apply this dark brown (Cyprus Umber) With this brush.

oh my god it's so pigmented !!!!! It's going to be scary So you'll just make this classic V In the outer corner I'll take the brush palette and slightly fade I definitely recommend doing it gradually So I told (my camera coupéééé) Make sure to apply some color, blend, turn color, blend.

Just to be careful, as some colors are very intense So it would be better not to blur the When I fade I make small movements like this I focus mainly on the outside of the color Because I want to fade any color otherwise it will go So I blend the outside But good if the color you can always hand in hand.

After I also put under the eyelashes because.

I like it very smoky Name of a black cat with green tail This technique is great to cover concealer that bar below Because I go very low with color You will say 'it's super annoying as look' promised mais.

Nope I take the large brush I'll take the color that everyone is waiting.

Love letter here In true I'm crazy about it (Venetian red) but I always put in red-burgundy looks so.

Name of an owl perched on a tree !!!!! I am very scared.

I'll just.

I'll change eye because it is hyper pigmented So I put it over the color transition (Warm Taupe) I add a.

DISCREET touch of pink I know how it's going to give my hair Because as you see my hair is green-blue-mermaid And the makeup is more purple-pink-brown HOT.

Oula I do not usually see pink on my eyes.

I always go to Bordeaux As you probably know by now I commend Cyprus Umber (dark brown) on the outer corner For we not forget this brown because pink is FAT I'll take the brush of Naked2 (yes I fly all the brushes palette) And I take.

Name mane of a unicorn with rainbow sky This magnifique.

Je cque even know what is !! (Antique Bronze) I'll put it on the eyelid This is surprisingly.

Less intense than the pink I'll take the brush and palette I'll take the dark brown (Cyprus Umber) I tap to remove excess And I stretch towards Antique Bronze To really FEEL the smokey I blend I tend I take Love letter Name of a green giant three-eyed It was a bit too And I stretch with Cyprus Umber Shit.

I will intensify the brown under the eyelashes I was excited enough to Love letter below.

but also hhmm This brush is super cool to fade I'll take the risk of putting a little bit of Love Letter below If you think you have used too much, press the brush on your hand It perhaps would in the inner corner I preeeeendreee euuuh This one comes from the Smoky Naked Palette Urban Decay I'll take Tempera on the brow bone Even this one is super pigmented !!! Very intense! I just love it.

I love hihi I'll put in the inner corner too I'll take my false eyelashes Dodolashes which cost just $ 5 I have a coupon code pour.

Comment we say? For over 5% !!!! (Sharondd) These are the D105 These are my favorite I take ALL the time I get so many compliments on it I went to an evening YouTubers (organized by Octoly) and EVERYONE (I jest not) asked me 'where your false eyelashes come !?' Beh here You saw my nails in passing hihi If I have blue green hands.

That's because I just made my color.


And I can not get it off my hands.

I'll take my Master Drama pencil Maybelline (color Brownie Glitz) I apply it to the inside of the eye to remind Antique Bronze on the eyelid If you have green in your eyes that'll do it out of madness! I really hope you enjoyed I'll have to finish the vidéooo because my camera is going to die I find you soon for a new video And find me on all my social networks !! <3 Tell me if the pallet in the comments please What is your favorite color, for example? I love them too touuuuuutes Later maybe I will look with a Venetian Red !!! The next to my pouleeeeeets a new video! Byyye What happened with my fingernail I see my illuminator wouuuuu My back is being DIE.

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