American Women Try Korean Makeup  • Ladylike

American Women Try Korean Makeup • Ladylike

– I'm enhancing my eye fat, y'all.

– So what's the deal withKorean beauty products? They're everywhere.

– Some people swear by them.

So we're trying to figure outwhat all the hype is about.

– We decided to get some and try them out.

– It's Ladylike and todaywe're testing Korean makeup.

– So, I've seen a lot ofKorean beauty products in Sephora.

There was a Birchbox witha lot of Korean beauty stuff in it.

Korean makeup/skin care iskind of everywhere right now.

– I guess I didn't evenrealize it was different than American makeup.

– I've heard a few things about Korean beauty products but Idon't know if I've heard about products that people actually use or the products that justbecome Internet famous.

– There's a whole shelfat Urban Outfitters with like Korean beauty products.

If Urban has it, you know it's trendy.

– Ooh, I have chic purple.

– I like that mine says,"oops.

" like you're already going to fuck up.

– So, apparently, youapply it to your lips, wait for it to dry, andthen you peel it off like Elmer's glue.

– I kind of like the smell, is that weird? I was also one of those people who huffed out Elmer's glue.

– Don't huff glue, friends.

– Does yours burn a little bit? It doesn't feel good.

– Like, what was thethinking behind the creation of this product? – Too easy to put on normal product so you've got to do the most.

– My lips feel like shriveled prunes.

Which makes me think it's time to peel.

– It's kind of difficult to grasp.

It has a strong hold on my lip.

– Oh, gross.

– Oh my God, they're bothcoming at the same time.

– Woah, oh my God! – I kind of fucked it up andI had it like surrounding my lips so I still looklike a four year old.

– Oo, salty.

– It is so salty and I don't know why.

– In terms of like, color,what's left on my mouth doesn't look that bad.

– I don't hate it but it doesn't look like I have anything on,do you know what I mean? – It also kind of looks like ombre.

– It looks like a color that's worn off.

Like maybe I have beenkissing a lot of people.

– [Voiceover] Maybe.

– [Voiceover] Dear Girl's Cute Eyes Maker.

– So this is an eye fat enhancer, It's just like contouringbut for your bags.

– What? It's like a brownlittle stick thingy.

– So there's two steps to this thing.

– So, I'm literally justmaking my bags worse.

– Step two is like thisweird, clear, shiny thing.

– Step two is like, "Oh,I'm on the up and up.

" – Actually my eye doeslook puffier and bigger.

– Oh my God! Blend it a little bit.

– Yours look a lot bigger actually.

– Yeah.

It sounds weird but I guess it works.

– Yeah.

– Yeah.

– It's fine.

– Yeah.

– It's a look.

– [Voiceover] It's a thing.

– [Voiceover] Nude Glow, Nakeup Face.

– Not makeup but Nakeup.

– It's called eye gloss.

But I don't know what that means.

– Oo, it's cold.

– I'm like nervous aboutputting a lot on so.

It's twitching so much.

– You can't really mess up doing this.

– Your eyes twitching too.

Actually, it's twitching quite a bit.

(laughing) – Are you trying to dry it? – Yeah, dry it for me.

– Oh my God, you wantme to blow on your eye? – Yup.

– Does it tickle? – Uh-oh, I did too much.

I went too far.

Oh, fuck.

– Okay, wait, just stop with the– – Just stop- Just stop.

– I didn't realize how pigmented it was.

– This shows up quickly anda little bit stronger than normal eye shadow does on me.

– You know, actually,I thought it would be more severe than it was.

You can blend this alittle bit with your finger which is good.

– [Voiceover] Okay, thisis definitely the cutest packaging of makeup thatI've seen in a while.

– This is just adorable.

– Oh, if you squeeze it it's wet.

– It's like a little heart.

– All right, not a color I would choose but it shows up so that's a plus.

It's just moist.

– This is essentially aclown color for my face.

– Maybe mine's too wet.

No, this is just the way it is.

– It looks like I just pinched my cheeks like Victorian woman style.

– I feel fresh faced.

– I feel like yours blended pretty well so it just looks like,it looks like you might not even have blush on necessarily.

– It definitely is nota high impact blush.

As the little illustrationis, just a little like hm.

– Yeah, like hmm.

– I'm not mad at it.

– I'm more mad at myselfthan I am at this.

– I think it's superinteresting and enlightening just to see like whattrends are trendy over there as opposed to like the makeup trends that are trendy over here.

– It's all very softand dewy and shimmery.

In America, it's really like contoured, sharp liner, sharp lip.

– And it shows you howthe standards of beauty really do change a ton.

– A couple of the itemspopped on my skin a little bit more than I thoughtit would so that was cool.

– So Korean makeup? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? – Thumbs up.

– Just as hard as American makeup.

– Lady tested, lady approved.

– And that's why they call it Ladylike.

Source: Youtube