ALASKA Makeup Tutorial | DRAG FACE

ALASKA Makeup Tutorial | DRAG FACE

(sped up)Hiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee I have to lean back to fit my hair in frame.

Greetings, my name's Zane.

what's Alaskaaaaaaaaa? Welcome -tongue pop- in this video I'm going to show you how I did this Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 inspired look,so I have been thinking and wanting to start a kind of series on this channelfor a while now the concept is me trying to recreatesome of my favorite queens looks and basically trying to put their makeup onmy face and since all stars finally came back I figured this is the perfect timeespecially since one of my all-time favorites Alaska is on the show so umm.

obviously I should start with Alaska so it's basically me being inspired and lowkey stealing other people's looksand putting them on myself almost like corporate greed stealing access to cleanwater.

but at the same time trying to recreate someone elses makeup is nothinglike a long history of disgusting violence against indigenous peoples but umm.

So yeah this is the first of the kind of series if you want to call it that, thatI want to start doing on my channel every now and then where I will try torecreate some of my favorite queens looks, people can leave suggestions tolooks that they might want me to try to do or get inspired by and every so often I will try out a look I'm thinking of calling it "DRAG FACE whereno-one's a winner" so yeah if you want to see how I did this very classic Alaskainspired look stay tuned alright I'm starting off with foundation already applied and I'mjust gonna throw some translucent powder on all of my highlights to catch anyfallout now I'm going to map out where I wantthis exaggerated lid to be with the NYX jumbo pencil in milk and then I'm justkind of lightly blending that out and then i am setting it with a light shadow I did one eye off camera just to makesure I knew what I wanted to do and the direction and blah blah blah so to startoff the crease I'm actually going in with the NYX blush in taupe, which I'mactually also going to use for contouring later so I'm just kind ofroughly putting on a crease and now I'm lining the eyes that way I know where Iwant the crease to be I don't know, I find it a little bit easier sometimes if it'sgonna be like dramatic eyeliner and a full new crease shape to put down at theliner first that way I have an idea of where I want things to be andproportions, and I'm just deepening that crease with a darker brown eyeshadowblending it out putting some more on and now I'm just still deepening the crease butnow with a matte black shadow and I'm keeping this mostly on the outer part ofthe crease for the most depth and that's connecting to this dramatic wingedeyeliner and it's just blendy blend blend I'm also now smoking out the lower lashline with those same shadows I used for the crease and the stuff and the things, now I'mlining the waterline with a black eyeliner just to you know keep it really darkaround the eye and now I'm just going to go over that rough eyeliner i didearlier with that same that black shadow just to make it opaque, fill it in,perfect the shape a little bit.

the stuff the one eye got a little bit like blurry onthe wing and the other one was more crisp so what I ended up doing was justkind of smoking both out a little bit just because it was easier than tryingto fix that mistake, for the brows I'm going in with this brown brow pencil byJ.

Cat and I am putting on the classic and iconic and legendary.

truly, honestly – youknow Alaska brows, very Divine super high arch, they're kind of mad looking butlike really fierce and i just love a really dramatic brow so I am going to go ahead you knowoutline it, for whatever reason the one I did on camera was harder to do than thefirst one who knows why.

God hates me So yeah I'm just you know doing the outlineand then I'm going to fill it in and I am blending out the front of the browfor an ombré situation, now I'm just cleaning up the brow bone and you know cleaning up theshape and whatnot with some concealer and then I'm setting that withtranslucent powder and with whatever was left on some of the brushes I use forthe crease just to blend everything together make sure everything is right,now I'm just deepening my contouring with a powder contour which is that NYXblush in Taupe that I used earlier just blending it and deepening my contours, doingthe stuff and the things.

for nose contour I went in with a small brush andthat same blush in taupe and then I used a clean fluffy brush to blend everythingout just to keep it kind of seamless now I'm going in with this kind of brownblush just to add a little bit of color to the face and I'm taking the NYXilluminator in ritualistic and highlighting because I can't not do it.

I alsohighlighted the brow bone and a little bit on the inner corner with that same shadow, that's not a shadow it's a highlight.

whatever you get it now I'm using the Colourpop ultra mattelip in Chi and I am over drawing my upper lip a little bit just to give youthat Alaska pout and then lashes and sprayed my face down.

(slightly slowed down & lowered pitch) HIIIEEEEEEE (sped up) Hieee if you're not wearing nails, you are not doing youtube YOUR MAKEUP IS TERRIBLE actually your make up is like a really good, I'm like super impressed.

oh my god! (sped up lip sync) This is my hair, I don't wear wigs so like how much do you guys like myhair like can you believe that I grew all this so fast like this all happenedin the last week or so it's been a real hair journey and I didn't even have tobleach it or anything is it grew like this "I am naturally a platinum blonde" this this is my hair, I don't wear wigs.

Honestly it's just because of these super amazing vitamins that were sent to me bya company like you can totally use my coupon code to get some for yourself andalso grow this luxurious beautiful hair in just three days.

use my affiliatecode is that shady? but like also if I had affiliate codes like I wouldn't be mad because like umm get that coin gimme all your money, gimme all your money, (slowed down) GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY meow but like straight-up her name is Bea Arthur, like her name is Beatrice Arthur umm and that's really fitting because like Alaskalove the Golden Girls and I know that because the internet told me I've actually wanted to doan Alaska look for a really long time because she is one of my all-timefavorites I like love her.

like she's great.

also buy ANUS onitunes because like it's a really good album also you get the really cool experience ofgetting the itunes receipt that tells you that you purchased anus.

also like youliterally have an album called ANUS in your iTunes library it's such a win-winscenario also like you can just get your your life to the album so like um yeah.

Honestly I feel like Alaska has affected my life in more ways than maybe sheshould have like why do I feel like there's a little bit shaped who I ammmmmmmmmmm.

We come in peace (harsh whisper) SUBSCRIBE for new videos almost every Monday, also social media crap in the description k bye -tongue pop- what? that's all.


And I make less money than you girl.

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