A Celebrity Makeup Artist Approach To Smudged Eyeliner & Nude Lip

A Celebrity Makeup Artist Approach To Smudged Eyeliner & Nude Lip

Hi Alpha’s! Welcome back to my youtube channel!It’s ya girl, Kalei and today, we are going to be doing another makeup artist approachto…Well, Celebrity makeup artist approach to.

This is going to be video 2 of that series,so I am going to be making it a series and today, I’m going to be doing a lot of Lash,a smudged eyeliner and a glossy nude lip.

That’s the thing I’ve been doing a lotlately.

It’s easy and simple so that’s what I’m going to do today.

I’ll be usinga bunch of products.

Last time, I used a bunch of drugstore makeup and today, I’m goingto be using a mix but I’m sure I’ll recommend throughout the video, drugstore favoritesthat I like and that you can use as well.

So, let’s get started with the video!That first thing I’m going to do is, apply an eye cream.

Again, I did apply my face serumsand stuff, so I’m just going to go in with the stuff I haven’t done yet.

I’m goingto apply this with the lightest touch and I’m not dragging it on to my face, i’mlightly applying it and I want to make sure that I’m patting atone I get closer to theeye area.

I’m going to apply my favorite lip balmfrom Elizabeth Arden and this is the 8 hour lip balm/cream.

Since this is minimal eyeshadowand stuff, I can go and do my face makeup first.

I’m going to skim through this, I’m not going to spend so much time on it.

I’m goingto apply a primer so I’ll be using the covergirl true blend face primer.

For the rest of my face, I’ll be using the makeup forever step 1.

This is the hydratingprimer.

The foundation I’m going to be using todayis the Covergirl 3-in-1 and this is in the color golden tan.

I am a little darker inskin tone on my body, so I’m going to apply a custom cover drop in N80.

Since this is an eye tutorial, I want a lot of the attention straight to my eyes so, I’llbe using the bye bye under eye by it cosmetics.

It’s a concealer that is very thick butit doesn’t apply super thick and heavy on the skin.

It doesn’t feel thick or heavy.

I use a little bit of product and I warm it up.

And apply it under the eye like this.

I’m going to use this part of my spongeand press this and bounce this into my under eye to blend it.

I’ll be working in the center first, and work my way out.

I’m also bringing it downa little bit so it blends.

I like to pat and tap into the skin so itdoesn’t move the product.

For the rest of my face, I’m going to usethe fit me powder in 330 Toffee.

This is the matte pore-less powder and oneof my favorite drugstore pressed powders.

I like to use it for touch ups, but I’malso going to apply it with a fluffy brush on the outside of my face.

I am going to take this brown shade on a sigma E40 – a tapered blending brush.

I’m going to apply this in the crease.

And build up that color and not going to domuch except for apply this in the crease.

Then, I’m going to take this color hereon the same brush and apply this to the outer crease.

I’m basically pushing the product into this area.

I want the product to also be on therouter corner.

I’m also adding smudged eyeliner, so I’m going to make sure the outer corneris defined.

Now, I’m going to work on the brows.

I knowit’s wonky how it’s happening, but this is how I form the look.

I’m using two browpencils, these are from hourglass.

Legit, I’ve had these for probably a year and Ihave not ran out.

Best brow pencils I’ve had.

I’m going to first apply the color ash and I bent the spoolie so that way I could brushout my brows a lot better.

So All I do is fill in the bottom where thereis a gap.

So what I’m going to do is i’m going totake my finger and hold my eye taught.

Not too hard and close my eye and run this onthe outer corner first… I’ll take a smudge brush.

It’s roundedin shape and I’m going to run the brush over the liner and smudge it.

I’ve beendoing it with blue liner, black liner and brown.

And whatever liner I have left on thebrush, I will bring it to the front.

And that’s all i’m going to do.

That’sall i’ve been doing and I know it’s so simple and easy, but I love it!Especially when I apply mascara, I love it so much!For the shadow, I’m going to blend everything out on the outer corner.

I’ll just makesure everything is blended from the smudged liner, I like to go over the lid a littlebit.

And soften it.

This is what it should look like.

Very basic and simple.

Something everyonecan achieve.

So, next… I’m taking the COVERGIRL super sizer fiber mascara.

I love the super sizer mascara without the fibers, we all know! And if you don’t knowit’s my favorite drugstore mascara.

I’ve really been loving the fibers.

Thishas little fibers to make your lashes look long and luscious and beautiful.

I’m goingto place the brush on there and pull down.

This is going to give me the most naturallook without it looking clumpy.

I do notice that this is a little clumpy ifyou apply too much at a time, and it’s really hard to straighten out because it does havefibers in it.

Go a little bit at a time.

For my bronzer, I’m going to be using the it cosmetics you sculpt it contour kit.

I’vebeen using this so much! I did not add blush, so I’m going to takethis color and this has gold in it.

And apply this to the apples first.

This has a little bit of shimmer in it so I’m going to highlight that area so be verycarful with that color.

And now, for the fun part!I’m taking my ELF blush brush and going to pick up Champagne pop.

I just pressed itin there and this is how much product came out.

Okay, we are going to be so glow-y.

OMG!Basically, we are just going to pat this on this area…Bring it up around this area.

You don’t want to bring it down, you want to go up intothe hairline.

We want to be glow-y! This is a tip and trickto wearing nude lip products that are too light for you.

Obviously if I wore this alone it would look really weird on me so take a brown lip linerand line your lips.

I’m lining on-top of the line.

Not liningover… This is ontop of the line because my lips are un-even.

She’s not getting surgery to fix these lips.

My bottom lip is Un-even because I had a accidentwhen I was 2 or 3 and I basically bit my lip off.

Have a scar so this side is actuallysmaller than this side so I have to compensate.

The plastic surgeon who fixed my lip did agood job.

I didn’t even notice… I think I was examining it one time and I was like…MOM! Why do I have something here and why is my lip look weird and she was like… causeyou fell and bit your lip off.

The bottom lip is a little over-lined.

Just a tad in this area here.

So then, I’m taking my favorite nude lipstick.

It’s so fave, that look! I’m almost done! Rimmel London, this is the best lipstick ever.

It’s a cream lipstick in the color 700 nude delight.

It’s apart of their moisture renewwit ht purple cap.

You are going to apply this to you lip andblend in with your finger.

I’mg going to go back in with the jaclynhill palette.

I like it but I want some sparkle in my eyes so I’m going to take Champagnetoast which is this shade here and I’m just going to go all over the lid.

That is so much better! It takes it and applies it.

I usually do a liner without it but Ifelt like I needed something.

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