Author: Jenny

The Ultimate Guide to A Great Vocaloid Cosplay!


A Bit About Vocaloid


Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer whose signal processing part was developed through a research project led by Kenmochi Hideki at the Pompeu Fabra University back in 2000. Originally, it wasn’t even intended to be a full commercial project but, backed by the Yamaha Corporation, the software for the commercial product Vocaloid was developed.

This software allows the users to synthesize singing by typing in the lyrics and melody, and works using the specially recorded voices of various voice actors and singers. A piano roll interface is in place to input the melody, while the lyrics are able to be entered on each note. This software has the ability to stress – and alter – the pronunciations of various words, add certain effects such as vibrato, or completely change the tone of voice. It’s often be referred to as a “singer in a box”, since it was designed to completely replace an actual singer.

Initially intended for professional musicians and amateur computer musicians, the software has taken off and become a worldwide phenomenon. As is usually the case with such things, there are numerous Vocaloid cosplay costumes available. They vary with the different characters, of course, but there is a basic principle and tutorial base that remains the same. Read along to make your own Vocaloid cosplay costume!


The Cosplay Costume Tutorial

This cosplay is considered to be a fairly easy, possibly even slightly intermediate level of design. Getting a premade dress pattern will save you a lot of hassle, especially if this is your first cosplay costume. If you have trouble drafting your own patterns, there are many available for cheap at most craft stores, fabric stores, and even online. Alternatively, you could easily purchase your full Vocaloid cosplay costume online, and not have to worry about rushing to finish it before that con! If you are going to follow along and make your own, though, keep reading. This will cover the main portion, which is the dress, since that stays fairly standard throughout all of the various character costumes. Accessories, such as headphones, can be purchased or made with other tutorials. It just all depends on which Vocaloid cosplay costume you are going with.


As for the dress, though, just follow along:


First, you will need to gather your supplies:

* Fabric


* Edging


* Ribbon


* You will also need to pick a dress pattern to base your dress off of ( Butterick 5894 is a great base, and is commonly used)



Go ahead and make the base dress. Follow the pattern, but stave off on hemming the arm holes or attaching them for now. You will need them to be unfinished in order to attach the sleeves and collar later.

Next, put the dress on inside out and pin the side to where you want/need to take it in. The Vocaloid cosplay costumes are quite formfitting, so you need to compensate for this. At this point, you can also add whatever ribbons, ruffles, or other embellishments your particular costume is calling for.

If your pattern does not include the proper sleeves, just cut them off of an old shirt, but be sure to stick to the seams. Trace the unfolded sleeve onto the fabric and cut out the necessary two pieces. You can use the same process to make the collar. Draw up a pattern, or find one online, put it on a shirt, and cut it out. Keep in mind, though: When you do this part, you will need to make sure to cut four pieces (2 for each side), to ensure that your collar comes out to the appropriate thickness. No thin collars here!

Continuing on, sew up the outer edges of the collar pieces. Leave the top and inner edges raw, however, so they can easily be sewn onto the main part of the dress. After doing so, pin the collar pieces to where you want them to go.

This is point in which you want to hem the neck hole. Cut out the neck of the dress to match the collar, and then sew on the collar pieces. Ironing will be incredibly helpful here, and so is highly recommended. Finally, sew on the sleeves.



With your dress finished, you are ready to go in search of those last accessories. There are myriad websites available for cosplayers, many of which are very reasonably priced. Once you gather them up, head out to that con and strut your stuff!

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