5 Truques com Lip Balm

5 Truques com Lip Balm

Hello girls! All right? If you want to know five amazing tips to be using with your lip balm, continue watching this video.

Tip number one.

If you do not have an appropriate gelzinho to be going on the brow, the tip is: Take your bal lip, apply a little with your fingers, then just comb to hold in place.

If you want to apply a little make, the tip is expected to dry.

Tip number two.

If you're driving and suddenly you see that your cuticles are horrible, the tip is: Take your lip balm, the one aplicadinha around the cuticle because then those pelinhas boring, will remain in place.

The other tip is also that if your elbow or any part of the face is one little dry on those cold days, the one aplicadinha too, which will then help the skin.

Tip number three.

You know when you ACHA it is beautiful and wonderful with that hair up DIVANDO PRO MAGIC BOY.

And then when you look in the mirror, you get a scare with both drizzle goose bumps it has.

Today's tip is you get some of your lip balm to apply these fiozinhos, just move your hand, it will remain in place.

Tip number four.

You know when you buy a new shoe and it starts to tighten the feet? Take some of your lip balm, apply in the area where it is very pressing, because you will avoid friction with the shoe.

So will greatly ease your pain.

Fifth and final tip.

If you want to exfoliate your lips, just take a lip balm a little more liquid, or even that from here.

Take a spoon.

Take a piece, put the spoon.

Light a cigarette lighter, let melting.

Apply a little sugar and exfoliate your lips.

You will see how it will look beautiful What do you think of these ideas? You use some of these ideas on a daily basis you? If you want more videos with five or more tips, leave here in the comments.

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