hi guys its Jordan Byers and today i'mshowing you how to get this no makeup makeup look basically just anatural look that you can want to work wear to school where to go run errandsbasically just your basic basic everyday makeup look where it just looks likeyou're not wearing makeup at all thanks anyways if you haven't already goahead and subscribe and like and let's just go right into the video like thislighting is weird to feel like I look like a ghost take it I am a ghost first thing I'm going to do is I'm goingto put this primer on its the Porefessional pro bomb and it just saysit minimizes the appearance of pores and that's what you want when you're tryingto do this whole natural makeup looks i'm just going to be putting this allover my face yeah now i'm using the kat von d locketconcealer in the color like 16 and I'm just putting this over any pimples thati have on my face and then on the under eyes to conceal those dark bags that Igot going on and then I'm just going to blend it in with a damp Beauty Blenderthat I have to go get them right now and i'm going to take my la belladonnaface foundation and the color Nicoletta and just put that all over where I putthe concealer except avoiding the under eye because we're going to highlightthat a little bit later and then for contour and highlight I'musing my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit and it's the light to medium andthen I'm just going to sculpt out my face with this middle color right hereand use this color for like deepening the effect a little bit more and theni'm going to put the yellow banana powder under my eyes and then highlightall the high points of my face with this highlight right here i'm just using alittle angled fluffy brush from Sephora yeah for highlight i'm going to use benefitshigh beam and i'm just going to put that on the high points of my face and I liketo use this or the mac stroke cream when i'm doing natural looks because you wantto keep your skin looking Dewey and clean even though you've got like cake facegoing around no you don't have cake face going on but you just want to keep itlooking really do we and fresh so I always tend to go for liquidhighlighters when doing a natural look blush I'm using the tart exposed killedit and this is just a really mabi pinkyshade and I think this is the most like one of the most natural colors of blushthat you could put on so tend to go for any really light color blush that youhave for putting right on the cheeks and blending back into your little bronzecontour that you got going on and when trying to go for a natural nomakeup makeup look you want to use matte shades opposed to shimmer or superintense metallicy kind of shadows so i'm going to be using some of theshades from the naked 3 palette that are Matt and the naked2 palette and youreally want to go for earthy natural almost skin tone colors and even contouryou could sort of use your contour as your little defining crease.

in youreye for natural looks but they are going to use so I shadows matte eyeshadow I'm going to prime my eyes with theLaura behind the scenes I primer and i'm just going to apply that with a littleshadow brush I'm going to put this shade which is called consent from the nakedsmoky palette all over my eye as my base color and then I'm going to take thischocolaty Brown color called whiskey from the naked smoky palette and justnot that into my crease as well as the outer corner and just really blend thatout you don't want a harsh crease because this isn't a natural look sowe're just going to buff this in to the crease and kind of love it all the waynot up to the eyebrow but just really fluff in left that in fucking bluff it does not make sense whatever i'm justgoing to go that way so then I'm going to take that samechocolate brown color that we just put on our crease and take that on a flatbrush and put that right here at the edge of the eyeliner where you would puteyeliner and then kind of blend that up into the crease so I'm just placing itand wiggling my brush not really pressing too hard or anythingjust pressing down and wiggling so form a scary you can go three roads either gowith a clear mascara a almost empty tube of mascara so that you're getting areally light application or you can go with a brown mascara because that's kindof the color of your lashes so it look natural so I'm gonna go with thismascara this is the bare minerals flawlessdefinition volumizing mascara and i've used this to its death so there's like barely any product andthat's exactly what I'm looking for when i'm trying to do a natural look isjust a tiny tiny bit of product on the lashes so it looks like i have lashesbut it's not like in-your-face lashes you know what I mean so I'm just going to curl them and applythat mascara yeah yeah yeah yeah so if you have really sparse brows i recommend filling them in reallylightly and then going over the brows with a clear mascara or a brow gel butfor me since i already have I have a lot of brow so I'm just goingto go over them with the brow drama by Maybelline in the color deep brown justto keep them in place and I'm not filling them in because i feel like mynatural brown natural it looks fine so I'm just going to do that and keep themin played for the lips I would go one of three ways either gowith just a normal chapstick this is a baby lips chapstick you can go with a tinted chopstick thisis like a really pretty purple EPG red color i don't know if you can but Idon't either do that or i have the two-faced lip injection extreme lipplumping lip gloss and this just really the tingling sensation of this lipglossmakes my lips turn not a bright red but like a pretty red color so when that wears off it looks like iactually have color to my lips and they're not blending into my skin so Iusually just put this on and yeah let it do its magic and then that's all I need so this is the finished product of my nomakeup makeup look and I think this is a really good lookto wear on the daily basis it only takes about five to eight minutes to do whenyou're like in the zone getting ready for the day so this is areally good everyday option and you in my next video.

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