$200 FACE PRIMER REVIEW + CLASSIC GLOW Makeup Tutorial | Jeffree Star

$200 FACE PRIMER REVIEW + CLASSIC GLOW Makeup Tutorial | Jeffree Star

what's up everyone welcome back to myChannel today we're going to be diving into this classic simple easy littleglam look and i'm gonna be using a lot of products that I've never used beforethere is a two-hundred-dollar primer that just hit the market from one of myfavorite brands so we're going to try out this today did it do anythingspecial or is it all bullshit you'll have to find out in a minute and i'mgonna be using some foundations and powders and stuff and lipstick that havenever worn or even tried before until now so it is a little bit of a firstimpressions of a bunch of stuff so you guys will get to see me play with a lotof new stuff and I just want to kind of recreate the look I did for my Kylie lipswatch video earlier in the week everyone is like "what the hell did you do different" now i think whenI tone down my eye makeup and switch up my face routine you can definitely tellyou guys always clock me and know me the best so I'm going to be recreatingthat look for you guys with a classic red lip with a twist there's been so many new things comingout from every brand across the board were about to dive in the holiday seasonand I'm scared but I'm gonna try out as many new things as I can't end like thishighlighted today to highlighters from two different brands that have neverused before that that's not shocking enough then I don't know what is sidethat you guys today is a really exciting day my lip ammunition has finally lunchall 10 shades just hit my website so i think while you guys are watching thisyou better get the shopping baby I'm like I'm over the moon so I'm gonna goand celebrate my launch and of course if you guys want to see how i created thislittle classic glamour and then keep on watching let's get started so for primertoday i'm going to be using something I've never used before and there's gonnabe a lot of firsts in this video i missed opportunity there's gonna be alot of first in this video so this is a new primer from Sisley it is called thatdouble tenser instant and long-term so basically thisprimer which by the way two hundred dollars i'm like this better give mesome new fucking skin because that is a hefty huge price for a primer and Ithink it's a little absurd but I had to try it now Sisley is one of my favoritebrands now let's go all the way back to my May Favorites video I talked aboutthat Black Rose cream mask which is so good if you have dry or normal skin this oh my god listen it's everything now ialso used the Sisley floral toning lotion it's basically a liquid toner it's oneof my favorites after i take up all my makeup i gently tone my whole entireface and neck with this guy oh my god it's everything so I've been ahuge Sisleyfan for a minute so when I saw this primer I'm like alright girlthe price tag is fucking insane but what it really do so looking on our websiteit says that is a fresh gel with a second skin effect that was supposed tobe the bomb before you put on your foundation and supposed to be sickeningso it says that it's double effective both medium and long-term so it'ssupposed to firm your face and give you a kind of uplifted look and take awayany signs of fatigue on my lord dude which one it is after four weeks theskin will look more tone and more denser to the touch is that true then whichguess we'll have to find out so i am just going to take this like this oh ok an interesting texture and I wantto do too much and I'm scared I'm gonna rub it it feels kind of like tackyalmost like a little sticky not in like a rendus way it just feels a little like ok smells really really fresh like emjust that like amazing like skincare smell that we all love it fills itreally tacky and I think we're ready to dive into foundation all right now forfoundation I'm going to be using my favorite your air flash for a littlebase now I've been doing this for ever i love my your air flash now there's beenso many new foundations put out lately i really have kind of put this on the backburner for the last few months and it's sitting there like bitch made you forgetabout me alright so i love to apply this by justgiving it a shake and then I like to hold back my hairline and course get theneck and that is like my little what i like to call it the base and it can justsit there for a minute and love the Foundation's you can talk and it doesn'tdry down crazy and you know any hard to work with now i'm also going to be goingin with a new foundation that I discovered at Neiman Marcus this is aclue depauw rating to cream foundation now this was a pricey one as well Ithink this was like a hundred twenty bucks so if you're like oh I'm kindathere with you guys know I love my luxurious makeup but this is tiny youguys look how tiny this bottle is like the door one it's like girl allegedlythis is supposed to be the shade it has SPF 20 foreign it 125 home and it'ssupposed to be sickening so I'm just going to give this one a shake and I amjust going to apply a little bit because I don't know how you know the coverageon this one yet i'm just going to.

it all around let's get the blending yeah alright we are blended out and I don'tknow if it's the foundation or the primer but move a bitches skin islooking match i love it now the primer didn't really minimize the pores toomuch in my trouble some area that I hate but uh the skin it looks really reallybeautiful it's not too cakey it is full coverage that which I love but itdoesn't look full coverage if you all know what I mean let's continue forconcealer i'm going to be going in with the heart-shaped tape listen I've been addicted to this eversince I used a I am such a fan and for everyone that will be asking I'm shadefair so I think this is the lightest one they just added some new shadeextensions to the brand and i love when brands do that so let's just a.

someoneand soon and of course we're gonna go back inwith our damp Beauty Blender and buff this all out alright concealer is a blended now i'mactually gonna do something I haven't done before i'm scared i'm gonna beusing that laura mercier compact translucent but I'm not until I put onmy mac shimmering white studio fix under the eyes you guys already know it justapplies so beautifully so I'm just going to pack this and we are really going tohighlight those under eyes and also set them at the same time all right now maybe going in with a morePE three with that laura mercier and i'm just going to hit the spots that Ialready highlighted so that chance she's being set baby and then I'm just gonnahit my undereyes am and that's it with the shit in your fucking eye out for therest of my face I'm gonna be going in with the same brush but i'm going to beusing a another new product today so many first today now the foundation clipi love that brand also have a powder foundation comes in something like this I'm like what is the point of that hugebrush and this tiny compact and just so everyone's aware you had to buy thecompact like the whole unit by itself and then add in this it's like what inthe and remember i was going to go aroundthe spots that are not highlighted to fill and see what happens I gotta say I'm a little mesmerizedright now the skin know this is a really good combination okay we're feeling verymannequin or feeling airbrush now let's contour now it's just a lot of thesechicks were going to be going in with Tarte cosmetics TARDIS contour paletteand i love this shade it is a perfect for that carved out bitchy look I'mgoing in with my erotic beauties like a blush brush but the other day i was justplaying around and really did a nice job with the cheekbones so what I did was I just kind of startedmoving the brush back and forth in circular motions and it blended allright now we're gonna just a lot of this jaw bone and just lightly go overthree-fourths i'm not going to go all the way we're just going to stop rightabout here and I love to just take a little bit of powder and go underneaththe chin in the jaw and just give it a really defined shadow look likely carvedout of granite pinky and now with the more p.


527 I'm just gonna get myhairline a little definition because that's definitely what have been doinglately and we're just going to go back and forth and just create somedefinition on death and I was barely running this store around the nose andhair i'm not really going to contour my nose crazy today we're going to give ita little just a little moment and because I have OCD I just can't stop nowtoday for highlighting I may be going in with the new sleek makeup highlighterpalette you guys know they make some bomb-ass highlighters so if this paletteis called the Cleopatra schist and there are two powder highlighters and to creamnow this one looks to be really really gold and listen you know you you guysknow I love my pink so my silvertone highlights with the gold belt let's bring it back a second we're gonnago old-school everyone's like how'd you get that gold cheek in the Kylie lip video this and I makes anotherone of course you guys know a big change is gonna wear one so we'll be going withthat more feet 5 10 and we're just gonna BAM put this right where my contour andmy huh wow girl look at that bitch why hmmm uh we're gonna put that right wherethe contour and highlight me now this color is a little dark for my skin tonebut because of the contour I don't mind it it is blinding but you can see that Gracie that fuckingcheek and of course we're gonna take that almost into my fucking eye and justgo up now of course we can't forget the key fits though and we're going to getthat nose because it's time it's time for the nose I want to look like a fucking lighthousecute now I guess it's time for another highlighter now I'm gonna be going inwith that Oprah Rodeo Drive highlighter this one is super gold like literallylisten like a mummy's in a sarcophagus is the color of its fucking pussybecause this shit is blinding now do i need to use to highlighters no this oneis about lining on its own but if you're sick twisted bitch like I am let's get to packing take a gold rush onmy face like it's so blinding okay we're done with the look goodnight the highlighting is done nowI'm quickly going to draw on some eyebrows off camera let's get some benefit ground get towork alright the browser snatch come on browse i get so many questions about thebrows so I'm gonna do a full tutorial um how i do everything I shave them offif you don't know about my brows go check out my house of making high schoolvideo for a quick laugh now let's get to the makeup all right we're gonna betaking this busy art I shadow palette and in this shade in here this creamcolor it is perfect for under the brow and the entire lid now this look todaydoes not involve any eye primer and this kind of going to be our primer and we'rejust going to put this right under the brow bone and drag it all the way down alright we are done with this part nowthis I look it's so simple you guys I'm about to blow your mind because andsimple is easy this is an everyday quick little go to Ilook so for that sparkly went type of a look but i did i know everyone was likewhat the hell did you use i used a little synthetic brush and then Iactually use these stila magnificent metals if you never tried them what areyou waiting for they are everything now there are abunch of shades um I used metallic dusty rose the other day now these also are supposed to be goodat applying with your finger and when your nails are this long a little moredifficult but hey I'm just gonna try what I normally do if you don't have anynails this is a lot easier if you do have nails well we'll do this together so I'm justgonna take this and literally had it on my lid and this formula is on real itgives your I a wet sort of metallic look now of course if your nails are threeinches long and you can't get inside your I that's where the brush comeshandy and I like to just take this guy and wet the brush literally a tiny bitmac fix+ and we're just going to go back in with this guy and grab some productwe see that used and we're just gonna go directly on and i'm only going to takethis up to the crease area i'm not going to bring it any higher now it can look alittle chunky but if you move the brush around it does spread the product and itgives you a nice little Terminator affect all right we're done with thisguy now for the most hardest part justgetting this is really simple I'm just gonna take a little blendingbrush and we're going to go into that Manny mua makeup geek palette and we'regonna dip into its aura and beaches and cream come on combination the best creasecombination ever all you're gonna do is take this and you're gonna go right inthat crease and you're just going to blend out any of the silver moves youcan move it right back but we're just going to keep this really simple andgorgeous today and that's really it is a really simple and that white I shouldhave already put down for a base is really going to help this blend out andjust really blend nicely together so I'll just take this light shade beachesand cream or one more time and we're just gonna kind of dragged up and awaysoda has that really nice airbrushed finish that we all love and adore BAMall right now that the little brown moment is in the crease and we're almostdone we're gonna take my favorite liner for the waterline this is a color popshoney dude and we're just gonna pop that right in there voila I love the shade it really opens Iwithout looking too intense if you are afraid of any white liner so this isperfect and it's hard dollars so i think everyone needs their kid now this lookis almost over you guys all we gotta do is the latches so of course you know abitch I'm gonna go anywhere without her benefit roller lash mascara mytried-and-true baby so we're just gonna pop this on and get some lashes on yeah alright mascara is done now before i dosome lashes I'm just gonna go into shade Artemis right here and I'm just gonnaadd a tiny bit right in here just a little pop of some so lets them youreally don't need this step but it's just going to add a little extra Flairand who doesn't want that now i know i just use Artemis shadow but there's alsoa lash brand called Artemis and they make a really dope flashes and I hadsomeone do my makeup for my live ammo shoe shut up to Anthony with that girland he uses on me and this style is called a mistaken identity love thatname and this is what i was wearing in the video the other day so let's pop ison and I'll be right back all right latches are on now all we need to doguys is lips and we're about done so for lips today we're going to be bold we'regoing to be dramatic we're going to be naturally classic we're gonna go with ared of course so I'm gonna be using that is away a lip cream and shade or ok nowthese are a liquid to matte lipsticks of so yummy and let's see what this lookslike who this color though this color oh I'm obsessed with it i love thisbrand because these lip creams are a very lightweight feel like nothing's onthere not a big fan and look I'm like do we need one lip or doing two lips theyalso have a lip topper and they have two shades and this is the new one calledtan lines and you just put it right over the liquid lip so you definitely canstop here you do not need a lip topper but you kind of do I'm nobody really don't you don't evenneed lashes for this look if you want to just take off the last year's and do avelocity nude lip you definitely can I think for this type of moment any lipwhether it's black blue or nude or read it flows it works so we're just gonnasee how this looks real quick I hardly smell so good and let's seewhat happens hmm oh ok uh-huh uh-huh ah wow you guys this is prettydope i almost think you don't need to do the top lip looks kind of cool with thisdimension maybe I'll.

the little in the middle on definition haha ok I'm notgonna do the entire thing I want to just live and have a moment this is not anecessity but yeah maybe it is ok i'm not going to do the outer edges i'mgoing to kind of keep it living in the moment with a very like and what do weneed me some fucking setting spray all right now for settings where I'm goingto go in with the dermablend set and refresh let's get to it ok alright this look iscomplete all right you guys this is the finalfinal final final look and I am a loving it this lip girl i'm obsessed so I justkind of want to do a quick recap of the video because i know i used a lot ofstuff that I've never used before so this Sicily double tends the prime orwas it worth it I gotta be honest you guys my skin likelet me get a compact my skin looks really really snatch like the foundationjust settled amazing on my skin like I'm I really huge fan of course this is thefirst time i've ever used it so I think I'm gonna go to dinner later and see howeverything wears anything changes but i'm a huge fan and then this powderfoundation and where's the fuck was the foundation even though this littlebottle makes me want to slap the brand um these two combined with this now Iknow it's a little astronomical and you're all going to read me to fill butthese three not saying that the Holy Grail yet but let me you know where thisthroughout the weekend down see what happens but I'm as always thank you guysso much for watching and see you next time bye guys.

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