13 GEISTER | Der zerrissene Prinz Makeup Tutorial

13 GEISTER | Der zerrissene Prinz Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys.

It’s me, Tobi from TigerFX In this video you will learn how to make up the Torn Prince from the movie 13 Ghosts.

Have Fun.


For the Torn Prince we need a simple cast of our face.

Take some cling film and wrap it around half of your face.

Stabilize it with some tape.

Mark your needed area with a sharpie.

After taking everything down cut out your shape.

Fits well, doesn’t it? To sculpt your prosthetic you need a smooth surface.

Copy your shape to it.

Make sure you’re able to peel the latex off of it.

For the prosthetic we need latex pulp.

For this, we mix some latex and flour and stirr it well.

Coat your shape with the latex-flour-pulp.

To get thin edges, smooth out the pulp with some liquid latex.

Now the fun part.

Sculpt your wounds.

I use the back of a spoon.

If you’re ready, let it dry.

This can take up to 24 hours.

Your dried prosthetic should look like this.

Powder it to avoid the latex sticking to itself.

Pull a edge of the prosthetic and peel it off while powdering it.

I use baby powder.

Now bring the wounds to life with some colors.

I start with a pinkish layer.

To simulate the fat tissue I use a yellow color.

Now the bloody red.

With this I color everything raised.

Now I color the areas around with a darker blood tone which should be old blood.

Now it gets bloodier.

For more texture I apply light and a dark fake blood.

The dark blood is applied to the deep parts.

I blend it out with a small sponge.

The light blood is applied to all the high parts.

Take a blow dryer to speed up the drying time.

Here I trim the upper part of the prosthetic where the hairline will be.

And this is my finished prosthetic.

Kinda looks like a piece of pizza 😉 Now fit the piece and mark the area where it should stay.

Here I apply some skin adhesive to the marked line.

Make sure you got an remover for you skin adhesive.

Otherwise you won’t be able to remove it without damage.

Test it before applying.

Put some adhesive to prosthetic and let it all dry.

Press it together.

Repeat the previous steps to adhere the piece to the whole face.

To blend out some edges you can use Pros-Aide Creme.

Apply it, blend it out, let it dry and powder it.

Now let’s do the make-up.

I prime my face with a light skin tone to get the deathly pale look.

I use a make-up-egg, to get a nice finish.

I apply a dark red to get some bloody circles under the eyes.

To blend out the prosthetic, I expand the skin are with the light skin tone we used before.

To make it more deathly I also use a light blue tone.

With a brown I simulate sunken eyeballs.

Make sure that the inner corner is dark and the outer corner gets lighter.

Now comes the blood.

First I use a blood paste called Fresh Scratch.

You can hide unwanted edges with it.

To make it less smeary I blend it out with a baby wipe.

At the end I use mouth blood and then I use eyeblood.

Now put on the college jacket and swing the bat.

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