– Hey guys.

(logo whooshes) (hinge squeaks)Welcome back, it's Halloween season and we've noticedthat there are a lot of Native American inspired makeup tutorials making the rounds of the Internet.

– So Jenny and I, we thoughtwe would make our own.

I mean, who better to teach you guys about real, authentic Native American makeup than two real, authentic Native Americans? – Let's get to work Cara.

– Let's.

– It's like I'm blendingcultural sensitivity right into my skin.

– I know Jenny uses bronzer,but we got different skin tones from different tribes.

Ancient tool for beautification passed down from Sephora.

– This is an art that my people have been perfecting for centuries.

And by my people, I mean theentire makeup-wearing populace.

– Blend like your life depends on it.

And for many NativeAmericans, it actually has.

– There you go guys, NativeAmerican inspired makeup.

And the best part aboutthis native look is that if you wear it on Halloween,you won't offend anybody.

– And it's so easy, likeanyone could wear it.

– It's amazing how simple it is.

– We're gonna getserious just for a minute and tell you guys why we made this video.

– There are a lot ofthese videos out there and hey, some of you guys are super talented makeup artists.

– Yeah, we actually lovesome of the looks you've come up with, but wejust want to be clear.

It's not your designswe have a problem with, it's labeling them asNative American inspired that's we have a problem with.

– It's a little trickybecause they're not inspired by any actual Native Americans.

They're inspired by charactersfrom Disney cartoons and John Wayne movies.

– They're inspired by stereotypes.

– And when you labelthem as Native American, you're helping toperpetuate those stereotypes whether you intend to or not.

You're helping to perpetuate the myth that Native Americansare savage or exotic.

– Believe it or not, a lotof people believe that.

– And we fight thoseperceptions every single day.

– Words matter.

– Words matter.

We hope this has given youguys a few ideas to work with.

Just remember, – this is authentic.

– This is authentic.

– Happy Halloween guys.

(dramatic keyboard music) (logo whooshes)(hinge squeaks).

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