(ENG SUB)BTS Jimin Inspired Makeup Tutorial 防彈少年團 男 韓妝教學

(ENG SUB)BTS Jimin Inspired Makeup Tutorial 防彈少年團 男 韓妝教學

BTS- Blood Sweat Tears Hello !! It's Toocoldnow again ! Thanks for watching this video ! This makeup tutorial was highly requested in my instagram stories ! Okay! Let's get started ! Starting with my bear face ! Now I will apply the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer It can help lasting my makeup and erase my pore All products mentioned were in description box down below ! Okie ! Let's apply the foundation I will be applying the Rimmel 25 hours lasting finish foundation It gives me a high coverage and moisturizing finish I will blend the foundation with a moist beauty sponge A moist beauty sponge can help preventing soaking too much products , and give a moist fininsh Now I will apply some concealer on my blemishes Drawing my brow with Loreal eye brow artist which i have been highly suggested It suits my hair color very well Use a spoolie to even out the pigment Apply some eyebrow powder to add dimention A natural eyebrow is done ~~~! I want to look good in front of camera so I will apply some brow gel Just simply comb your brows without touching your skin For the eyes, I want to create a F/W soft smokey style OMG , my tongue get tangled today ! Can't help with my tongue This elf mineral eyeliner gives me smokey effect See the difference ? I top up my eyeliner with some eye shadow powder to last the pigmentation Use the residue from the brush to connect the under-eyeliner Don't freak out , actually transparent mascara are designed for men's thick lashes This preventing eyelashes from blocking your eyes Use the L.

A Girl Pro concealer to contour my nose Blend it out with e.


F concealer brush This brush is dense enough to create a smooth finishing Use a fluffier brush with some contour powder to set the concealer This can help neutralize the orangey tone To give dimension to the crease , I will add some depth To create a eye crease like Jimin Set the contour with some pressed powder Let's Contour contour contour (My Fav Routine) Add shading powder to the forehead ,cheeck bone and jawline Remember the motion should be from outer to inner , this can create gradient effect Do not do in opposite way otherwise the line will look so harsh The makeup is done ! This look like Korean X Mixed blood look Mainly to highlight the grey tone eyes Thank you so much for watching the entire video Please give me a thumbsup and subscribe my channel , you guys are my motivation My new social media platfrom is out ! I will be more socially active, please go check them out ! See you guys in my next video !!!!!!!.

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