「DADAROMA」よしあつメイク方法(化粧)Yoshiatsu Makeup Tutorial

「DADAROMA」よしあつメイク方法(化粧)Yoshiatsu Makeup Tutorial

Beauty population? It is the Kisa! First step.

add this base all face Secure the base by pressing the translucent powder on it Create one basicão eye make visual kei, exaggerating the eyes of the outside corner giving that fallen-eye effect Anything that is the result The camera is not even focused malokets! Now shade to make eyes using black shadow, the bottom should be more exaggerated Take a rough sponge, then hit the black pancake in the lower region of the eyes Paint 'balls' of false eyelashes with hard white color I say.

if you do not find the right eyelashes that neither was my case.

You see? Once the color is dry only apply the lashes normally Shadow Brown + = Draw the eyebrows somewhat inclined to leaving the end with a slight gradient Then shade the area just below the eyebrows, take time to connect with the shading of the nose side The lips are just a lot of bands, start with black creamy make and then right next to add the red Now hold the same procedure until the end, imagine the shape of the lips like a clown's mouth Also keep in mind that the red stripes should be higher than the black bands What's up? I said animal! The business is totally it! Back to black pancake and get ready for body painting As you can see, put a line in the neck and then some triangles below Ok, the previous angle was somewhat that unnecessary Now add a kind of line around each finger That's what I mean mermão! Place the lenses, wig, clothing and ready! In fact, the clothes should be other color but then the shhhh shhhh people in the right stop.

Source: Youtube