✅UNZIPPED ZIPPER FACE and FAKE SCARS Halloween Makeup Tutorial in 4K – Witte Artistry

✅UNZIPPED ZIPPER FACE and FAKE SCARS Halloween Makeup Tutorial in 4K – Witte Artistry

what's up makeup minions I'm Kim Witte from Witte artistry bringing you another halloween tutorial and today I have something a little more out of the horror genre, not entirely sure what to call this makeup because I only had like a slight vision.

wanted zipper eyes because I've always wanted to do them and I wanted my chest to say something with raised scars and once they figured out the word, that that just sort of developed the whole look but, zipper eyes, raised scars, staples mouth, cuts.

sounds like a good tutorial.

Let's begin! Let's get this out of the way yes i am wearing a shirt.

Block in the word silent using an eyebrow pencil.

This is where your silicone scars will go.

The trick to writing something backwards on you is to write the word on a piece of paper and then plant it in front of a mirror so you can keep referencing that as you're working.

Mixing together equal parts of A and B third-degree, fill in the bubble letters that you have created with the eyebrow pencil.

When putting it on try to have it concentrated in a thicker glob and get thinner wherever the letters taper into a point.

Wipe off the eyebrow pencil then repeat the same process for all of the letters.

Here's the trick to making it look like scars.

You want to go back in with the metal tool when the silicon is still wet and clean up the edges to really make sure it stays in a thin line and tapers into a point, Powder the dry silicone to remove sheen and remove any excess particles.

Because most paints don't stick to silicon for the word silent i will be using alcohol base makeup only.

With a very watered-down version of red you want to go over all of your scars.

Then in a slightly darker red you want to go over the edges of the scars to add a little bit of depth.

Go back into all the areas you want to add a little bit more shadow with the eyebrow pencil.

With a silver body paint draw a triangle from your inner corner to your outer corner on your cheek on both sides.

Create a circle for the slide and then in an elongated rectangle with a hole for the zipper pull.

With a medium red body paint fill in the triangles on the inside of the zipper.

, With a dark grey body paint outline the edges of the silver zipper.

Do the same on the zipper slide and do the same thing on the other side.

Create the shadow inside the zipper pull.

With a white body paint highlight the top of your zipper and then the top of the pole.

Hghlight the top of your zipper slides and zipper pulls.

With a dark red body paint outline the inner part of the zipper where the flesh is being exposed Fill them in.

Very carefully with a dark grey body paint line the bottom side of the zipper pull.

Now it's time to do your zipper teeth.

With a white body paint create tiny little nubs going up the sides of your zipper.

Be mindful they don't get too long on either side of the zipper so it can fit together like a zipper should.

Go over your zipper highlights again.

Then with a dark grey re-outline the edges of your zipper.

With a dark gray body paint go under each of the zipper teeth.

With a dark grey body paint outline your zipper again and then go under any areas and the pole tab that need to appear more shaded.

to the same to the zipper slide to create the illusion of wrinkles want to drag a very watered-down light brown the zipper towards our eyes then with a light brown eyeshadow you want to go over those lines again and just make them a little deeper and further them out create a little frown with red body paint with silver bodypaint create small staples that cover up the cuts on the edges of your mouth and then become larger as they go across your lips then with dark grey add shading all of your staples at the two points on the top of the bottom where it will burrow into your skin with black body paint outline the points in which the staples go into your skin and with white highlight all of your staples on their highest point and finally put black in the little stable holes with brown eyeshadow and fluffy brush we are going to make them look a little bit more sickly.

So going to the hollows of your eyes your cheeks and your temples Feather it out.

I was originally going to stop here but I decided that it didn't quite look finished to me so I went back in with third-degree and added little scars all over me.

WIth a brown cream body paint put some on your fingers and wipe it everywhere to make you look dirty.

Lightly feather a red eyeshadow around the word silent to give it an irritated effect.

With a detail brush create small cuts all over your body.

Powder the dry silicone Repeat the same painting process on all the little scars that you did on silent.

So i decided I need a little bit of blood so I went back in with a bright red body paint and made some of those cuts ooze.

with black body paint dirty your hair Weck and shoulders and now you're a living nightmare! Thanks so much for watching this video! If you liked it please give it a thumbs up and drop me a comment below so I know what you guys want to see.

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Thank you so much for watching have a great day and Happy Halloween!.

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