✅THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS SALLY Halloween Makeup Tutorial in 4K – Witte Artistry

✅THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS SALLY Halloween Makeup Tutorial in 4K – Witte Artistry

What's up makeup minions I'm Kim Witte from Witte Artistry bringing you another halloween tutorial! And this time I am Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas! I am so excited! Nightmare Before Christmas is like my favorite movie and I have been watching it every year on Halloween and on Christmas and I've always wanted to be Sally for Halloween and finally with this wig and this body paint like you can't see it right now but my legs are painted too and i even have like little socks and the little boots.

So super excited so let's just begin.

With fixative spray spray your skin and prime your eyelids.

Mix together a light blue mixture that is primarily white with a hint of blue and a hint of gray.

Make sure you make enough of this mixture that you will be able to cover any exposed skin for your costume.

With white liner and line your lower lid.

With dark grey eyeshadow go into your creases and create a little point on your outer corner.

Underline your eye.

With a fluffy brush and grey eyeshadow shade the inner corners of your eyes up to your eyebrows.

With a medium blue eyeshadow go into the creases of both of your lids and blend it out with a fluffy brush.

Making sure to follow a reference photo I am making Sally's mouth cuts and forehead cut with grey eyeshadow.

Using the same eyeshadow color I'm going to create the same sort of cuts that sally has on her chest.

Make sure you follow that reference image to get it right.

With a fluffy brush blend out the lines.

Use the fixative spray if you plan on wearing it all night.

With a gel liner we are going to make the illusion that our eyes are bigger.

Line the upper lid, drag it into a wing and then line underneath your white liner on the bottom lid.

Then with your favorite mascara you want to go in on your upper lashes and make sure you get them nice and full.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for Iit's stitches time.

Go in with a medium gray body paint creating some X's and straight lines on your forehead your cheeks and then your mouth lines.

Add a little bit more white to the grey mixture and go over all your stitches giving them a little highlight make sure you keep this color primarily towards the center which would be the highest point of the stitches.

With a dark grey mixture outline the edges of the stitches where they would burrow into the skin.

With the same color go into the cuts on Sally's face and cheeks.

Then with the medium gray body paint I'm going over the lines that i previously made with eyeshadow to darken them up a bit.

And to soften and blend I went over that line with a wet brush.

I will be using the same process that I used on the stitches on the face however strangely enough Sally's stitches that are on her neck chest and arms and legs are actually darker than the ones on her face.

Go in with a medium gray body paint over the centers of all of the black stitches.

With a pure white body paint highlight all of your stitches on your face to really make it pop.

Then with a black body paint outline the holes that the stitches recede into.

Then with grey eyeshadow you want to shade outward from each of the stitches entry points this will make it look like it's actually burrowing into the skin.

With a dark blue eyeshadow darken up your crease again.

Now it's time to do the rest of the body.

You want to cover all exposed skin with the same color used on your face and neck.

I would recommend having a friend helped paint you and use a makeup sponge because it will go way faster than a brush but.

Hat are you gonna do.

Use what you got.

Paint your nails a cranberry color Following that reference photo put stitches anywhere else on Sally's body that they appear.

With a matte lip pencil that is the same cranberry color line your lips and fill them in.

And now the makeup portion is complete! Put on a red wig and you're ready to go! Thanks so much for watching this video.

If you liked it please give it a thumbs up and drop me a comment below and let me know what your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character is.

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Thank you so much for watching guys I totally appreciate it and happy Halloween! I'm not hungry.

OOPS! See?.


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