✅CAT IN THE HAT Halloween Makeup Tutorial in 4K – Witte Artistry

✅CAT IN THE HAT Halloween Makeup Tutorial in 4K – Witte Artistry

What's up Makeup Minions! I'm Kim Witte from Witte Artistry bringing you another Halloween tutorial! This next time if you didn't already guess it I am the Cat in the Hat.

! I totally love this, I'm so excited, I loved the cat in the hat when I was little.

the book of course, not the live-action movie.

That thing was scary.

So anyway, I wanted to do a Halloween tutorial that wasn't spooky and do something sweet and adorable and it's actually pretty easy especially if you already have a hat and black clothes all you need is to buy the bow on amazon and the tail.

Anyway, let's get started.

Prime your face and eyelids with a white body paint cover your entire face and the upper portion of your neck.

With black body paint, outline the edges of the white on your neck to create a jagged line to simulate for with black and a detail brush create a widow's peak in the center of your forehead with black.

Start on the lower end and drag it upward towards your hairline using the same painting technique drag the black paint down the edges of your temples continue the design / your cheekbones then create the same for pattern on the size of your jawline and reconnect it with lines that you have made already on your temples.

Throughout this video to make my fur I will start the stroke towards my nose and then fan it out towards the edges of my face.

Paint the outer ridges of your ears black and the insides of your ears white.

With gray body paint repeat the brushstrokes that you used on the black except this time you want to start the strokes on the inside closer to your face and then fan them out over the black.

The white will blend in with the black beneath it and will create depth to your fur use the same technique down the edges of your face using wispy brushstrokes drag white over the black on your neck to create layered fur.

Then keep repeating this technique and dragging in over the black until you have a gradual transition from a pure white to gray to a darker gray and then a black.

This will give your kitty some dimension.

with a pure white body paint create fur texture over the grey gradient and anywhere else on your face that you want to pop forward.

I know this tutorial is kind of repetitive so I'm going to give you a quick little aside story.

So maybe you're wondering, what do I do when I'm in makeup? Do I just wash it off? Well not in this instance.

I decided to put a full-body costume on of the Cat in the Hat and go out to "TGI Fridays.

" That was a good day.

if you got any black on the inside of your ears clean it up with white body paint before continuing.

With black body paint create your new cat nose, which is basically the shape of a "V" that hooks around your actual nostrils and then comes into a point right below your two nostrils.

Prime your eyelids.

With medium grey eyeshadow put this in the creases of your eye and then drag it outward into a peak.

Gradually add a darker eyeshadow back into the crease to create depth.

With a white eyeshadow passed this onto the lid to really make them pop forward.

With black body paint drag a line down the center of your nose and then trace over your lips to create the illusion of a cat mouth.

Drag out the black to create a cute little smile.

With the detail brush go in with a black body paint and create wispy lines around the edges of your face to create the texture of fur.

Create the same textural lines on your neck to add depth to your fur.

With your favorite black eyeliner or body paint line your upper lid all the way from your tear duct to your outer corner.

Then on your outer corner we're going to create a wicked point that comes all the way out from your eyelid up past your crease.

Make sure the wing is nice and long and pointed and reconnects back into the middle and sort of a thick line.

Reconnect the point on your tear ducts back to your lower lid and then line your lower lid.

Then create three little dots on your upper lip for the Cat in the Hat whiskers.

And congratulations you are now the Cat in the Hat! Look at me look at me look at me now, it's fun to have fun, you just have to know how.

Please remember that when it is wet & the sun isn't sunny there's lots of good fun to be had that is funny.

Thanks so much for watching this video.

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