Макияж в большом городе: Весенний макияж

Макияж в большом городе: Весенний макияж

Well? Spring… Spring.

But this calls for a bright accent.

What accent? Deep, dramatic eyes, for example.

Too much daintiness on the head, and I think we should balance it out with deep black colour in the makeup.

We’ll do a bold eye.

Okay, I’m ready.

I’ll be using the Colossal Kajal long-lasting liner.

Cat eyes again, Yura? Masha, I’ll be putting it on the whole upper lid like eyeshadow.

But won’t it smudge? No, it doesn't streak at all, it’s very long-lasting.

Let’s begin right now.

Draw an imaginary line between the nostril and the brow tail.

This line is the logical end for any liner and eyeshadow.

Line the lashline and set the outer corner boundary.

Line the lashline out from the inner corner, and set the boundary moving towards the center.

Now set the boundary at the inner corner.

And shade in the entire lid.

Now the deep black Colossal mascara.

Wait, why do you always only do one eye? Implying that I should do it? I’m not implying.

You’ll be going the other eye yourself.

That’s a challenge.

All right.

Mirror in the right hand, Colossal Kajal liner in the left.

Starting with the shape, as the great Yuri Stolyarov said.

So you did it here somewhere, right? Yes, out from the inner corner.

I’ll do this for now.

Do it.

You’re doing great.


Now the lashline.

All of it, from the inside.

Okay, and I should finish here somewhere, right? Absolutely.

To be sure start from the outside and go in.


See Yura, I started from the other side, not like you said, but it worked out.

Let’s say you just got lucky.

Of course.

Look at your mistake here.

Mistake? Where? Close your eye.

Look at this fence here.

That’s not a fence! I’m not done! You know why this happened? Why? Because your lid wasn’t stretched out.

If it was, lift your chin, now you can do it neatly.

Yura, while we were chatting, the pencil has stopped blending.

That’s because it’s set now, it’s long-lasting.

Well, yeah.

What do I do? For that we’ve got Color Tattoo, with it we can even blend the dry liner.

Okay, I think Color Tattoo is the handiest thing ever.

You can do everything with it.

With time we will learn even more about it.

And now we’ll blend the black liner.

Blending, blending, and looks like it’s blended.

Mascara! That I can do, that’s easy.

Put it on the roots.

From the roots to the very tips.

Yura, the eyes look great.

But something’s missing here.

We definitely don’t need bright accents.

But some freshness would be nice, of course.

Guess what I’ve got for you? This baby! Remember it? I remember! Baby lips for lips and cheeks.

I just have to kiss it.



That’s it.

And apply it to the cheeks, blending with the fingers a bit.

Right on the apples, yes.

Masha, stop, that should be enough.

Yeah, I’ve overdone it.

You really have.

But I’ll help.

If you’ve put on too much of this lovely product, it’s creamy and it comes off in a few touches, look.

With a napkin.

With a napkin.

Blend it with fingers, and you’ve got a delicate, pretty and trendy flush.

So, blot it.

Don’t wipe, just blot.

Just blotting it, right? Yes.

That’s done.

If once is not enough, blot again.

There’s just one problem.

What’s wrong? The flowers are wilting.


It’s spring! Freshness! It’s Makeup in the City! With Yura Stolyarov And Masha Ivakova.

A very fresh Masha Ivakova.

Source: Youtube